Monday, 8 August 2016

Write a Book in A Day Event - Submission Call: Post by Mathew Presley

Sheffield SFF Writers group needs your input!

As part of the Off the Shelf festival, Sheffield SFF Writers group is hosting the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ event. For this event, we’re building a shared world that can be a starting point for six sci-fi/fantasy genres. In each of the genres (split into ages), I’m looking for two different entries to flesh out the world;

STOCK: Details, locations and events that anyone is free to use or alter for their story. I’m not looking for too many of these, as the writers themselves will no doubt have their own stock of characters; however, having a common linking device (such as a prolific family or key battle) in two stories will help this be a shared-world collection of stories, and not just a set of stories that happen to share a world. Entries should be less than 100 words each, and be open enough that multiple people can have a different take on them (A common family name is more useful in a shared world than a single character, and there’s not going to be a fixed map, so keeping locations fluid will let other writers add their own details.).

‘INSPIRATION POINTS’: A more open, interpretive entry, Inspiration Points are little pieces of scenes that someone struggling to start their story can use. Beginnings, in media res paragraphs, or descriptions of a scene are all welcome, the more open the better. For instance, these entries (submitted by myself and Chris Joynson);

1)      “You can tell a lot about your enemy by their arrows.” said Imp, “Copper headed ones, that’s bandits, or Dreamer save you the elves. Iron headed ones, that’s town guards, and they only fire them if they can get them back; they have to pay for ammunition.” He snatched an arrow from the air as we ran, “Steel heads!” he said triumphantly, “with a smith’s mark and everything! Be proud, master; someone rich wants us dead for a change.”

2)      A ship floats dead in space. The crew’s belongings are left lying around, as if they’d stepped out a minute ago, but the food has rotted to dust, the power cells are completely drained, and the ship’s log is decades old. What happened?

Entries should be less than 100 words.

All submissions from the writer’s group are welcome; please submit entries to (Subject: SHARED WORLD SUBS)

GENRES: The six genres the shared world will cover are;

                Age of Dreams (High/Epic Fantasy)

                Age of Towers (Low Fantasy/Swords and Sorcery)

                Age of Hammers (Renaissance/Steam/Dieselpunk)

                Age of Spirits (Urban Fantasy)

                Age of Infinity (Space Opera)

                Drossworlds (Cyberpunk)

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