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The Road To Thule, by David R Lee
The Road to Thule
by David R Lee
A techno-magical dystopian flood-world novel, with eight songs. Exiled from his pleasant life in the heathen Kingdom of Wessex, Alex Tyler embarks on a journey through the flooded British Isles’ archipelago of tiny nations, to the far North. There, he is swept up into the power of Thule, masters its secret magical technology and becomes the warlord who will save his people. As Wessex and the other nations of the British Isles lurch into outright war with monotheist fanatics the Pure Light, the outcome will depend on two strange technologies. The problem is, one of them is deadly for any but a tiny, genetic elite to use, and the other, only Thule knows about.
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Attack of the Atomic Airships
by Steven R Harrison
Introducing Air Group Captain Sebastopol Valiant, the Steampunk missing link between Harry Flashman and Biggles. The Great War was in its eighth year. The British Empire and Imperial Russia both threw men into a never ending meat grinder. Step forward Valiant, described as 'A damn fine man to have standing beside you in a fight as well as at a bar.' Recalled to Blighty, Valiant contends with Bible bashing Confederates, French (ahem) ambassadors and an unprovoked attack upon the troopship RMS Titanic. Still, it could be worse. . . .
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Set it in Space!
Set it in Space and Stick a Robot in it!
The group's own anthology, published in 2009, and featuring tales and novel excerpts ranging from dark fantasy to highly-realised science fiction. Includes an introduction by BSFA-award winning author Eric Brown.
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Adrift on the Sea of Rains
by Ian Sales
When a nuclear war breaks out and the nations of the Earth are destroyed, it maroons a group of astronauts on the Moon. Using the "torsion field generator", they hope to find an alternate Earth that did not suffer nuclear armageddon. But once they do, how will they return home? They have one Lunar Module,. which can carry only four astronauts into lunar orbit...

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Echoes of War (Empire Dance 1)
by Steven Poore
Since the end of the great Irian Wars, sixty years ago, the Empire has been at peace. Adrian XII, now in his eighth incarnation, has turned his attention to the rebellious Caerus Sector ,where High Admiral Monk now wages a ruthless pacification campaign. But sinister forces threaten to topple the throne. A hidden conspiracy seeks to create a new power in the very midst of Imperial space, and Monk has ambitions beyond being his Emperor's sledgehammer. And, in long-abandoned star systems ravaged by old wars, the dead hulks of forgotten warships are moving once more...
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Haunted SheffieldHaunted Sheffield
by Mr & Mrs P Dreadful
Everyone loves a good ghost story and the city of Sheffield seems to have plenty of them. The tales contained in this book are told by the Steel City Tours ghost walkers themselves, Mr and Mrs P. Dreadful, collected over the years and now brought together here for all to read. After reading these tales, you will find yourself glancing nervously over your shoulder when you next walk the streets of the city.

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