Wednesday, 3 February 2016

One Million Word Update

Back in November for the start of Nanowrimo, the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s group challenged themselves to see how quickly as a group, we could write one million words, with the aim to complete this goal by November 2016 and the next Nanowrimo. At the end of December the running total stood at 188,331 words.

This month has seen word count totals of Chris – 18,037 words; David – 2,445 words; Jo – 600 words; Kathryn – 26,712 words; Steve P – 500 words and Tom – 6,000 words.

That makes a month’s total of 54,294 words and a cumulative total of 242,625 word.

So there is just 757,375 words more to write.

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