Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Hello folks,

Browsing through the Chronicles forums, and found a discussion about Deep Genre, a blog run by several authors including Kate Elliott and Katherine Kerr. Handily, there are recent postings by David Louis Edelman concerning "How to write a novel".

Obviously what works for one person doesn't automatically work for anybody else, but its interesting to see Edelman's personal process broken down and analysed.

Interesting also to compare processes: I know I'm nowhere near as methodical as that, and that's possibly why The Project keeps stalling. It doesn't help that I've been invaded by another idea that could well be a go-er - this one does need careful outlining because of the characterisations and hidden plot twists, and while I know how to start and how to end, it's the lump in the middle that's the problem...again.

Anyway. Need sleep.

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